October 29, 2007

The Stack Up – III

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Hate or love it, reality television is here and here to stay. This weeks The Stack Up features two excellent examples of wonderfully vapid television; A Shot at Love with Tila Tequila and I love New York 2.

Tila TequilaTila Tequila (also known as Tila Nguyen) gained notoriety as the queen of myspace after obtaining an unheard of amount of “friends” (we’re talking 2,130,694 as of today) and changing the landscape of the budding social networking site forever. Tila continued to gain notoriety after posing for Playboy, Maxim and Penthouse among other magazines in little to no clothing. So how does she get her own show? We’ll she’s hot, exotic, a total attention whore and get this a bi-sexual “seeking love”. Perfect MTV material and perfect reality television. 16 straight men and 16 lesbian women are set to compete against each other for Tila’s “love”. The show is a new hat on an old concept (ala Big Brother and Survivor) but is surprisingly entertaining. I guess it boils down to a classic battle of the sexes. Who will win? One of the frat-boy’ or one of the lipstick lesbians? Man or woman?

Recommendation: Watch with your buddies while having some beers. Tila’s hot, so are the lesbians and the guys are idiots, what’s not to love?

I Love New York 2 I never saw I love New York 1, but if it’s anywhere as surreal and weird and its second season, then it’s no wonder why it was picked up again by VH1. Tiffany Pollard‘s claim to fame came from her appearances on Flavor Flav’s, Flavor of Love reality series. Her name New York was given to her by Flavor Flav and now is utilized as her stage name. Funny enough though, as “New York” she was rejected not once but twice after being brought back for the second season of Flavor of Love. Somehow this equates to her being given her very own television reality series and now a second season as well. The show is a freak show of characters including a seemingly mentally challenge guy (It, is his surname and drugs appear to be his mental problem i.e. permifried), a midget (Midget Mac) and a rich white jerk (Tailor Made) among others. New York spend the majority of the showing prancing around in shirt’s three times too small for her obscenely large fake boobs (they literally spill over) and putting on a pitiful air of sophistication while revealing herself to being rather loose and freakish during the one on one time with her 20 potential suitor’s. I suppose it’s like Ludacris’ line in the 2003 smash-hit song Yeah!

Lets drank you the one to please, Ludacris fill cups like double D’s.
Me and Ursh once more and we leave ’em dead, we want a lady in the street but a freak in the bed to say (chorus) Yeah!

I Love New York 2 is a reality show that’s so amped up it’s almost a parody of the genre.

Recommendation: Watch alone while drunk. If you’re watching this show sober and relate to the characters and social interactions then you may be working the tilt-a-whirl at the local county fair before long. And if you are, can I get a free ride?


October 22, 2007

The Stack Up – II

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Well I couldn’t resist, The Stack Up is a fun and easy blog item to do, so here is a second The Stack Up in the same week.

This weeks additional The Stack Up; music singles by Kayne West and The Fruit Guys.

Kanye West - Stronger single coverThe Kayne West – 50 Cent battle that ensued when both artists released their album on the same day, September 11, 2007, appears to have a clear monetary and reviewed victor, Mr. Kayne West. His single, Stronger, samples from the already popular Daft Punk song, Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger, and does something pretty telling about the music industry. Kayne West takes the song, slows it down, chops it up as a chorus and underlying beat, poorly raps to it and yet sells millions of more copies than Daft Punk could ever dream of. The song is worth listening to, it’s pretty catchy; however it just makes me want to listen to the original sample even more once it’s done.

Recommendation: Listen to it on the radio and then go buy a Daft Punk album.

The Fruit Guys - BlueIf you’ve never heard of The Fruit Guys don’t feel bad, they don’t really exist as a band in the traditional sense. The Fruit Guys are part of a marketing campaign by the Fruit of The Loom company comprised of four guys dressed as different fruits playing instruments and singing about cotton undergarments. Normally I try not to pay attention to advertising jingles in the hopes of warding off the Pavlov’s dog effect. However in the case of The Fruit Guys song/jingle Blue, I can’t help but take notice. It’s so well done that I could have easily mistaken it as a new Coldplay single on the radio, if not for the subtle differences in the singer’s voices. The music video is as incredibly well done as the song, using a variety of backwards photography, slow motion and selective blue shading for the world that surrounds the band members. In a word, wow, if only all advertising could be this creative.

Recommendation: Add to your “mellow” playlist and see how many people you can convince that you have the new Coldplay single

The Stack Up – I

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So to try something different this week I’ve decided to introduce a continuing article entitled, The Stack Up. In this article I will select and review several items of entertainment culture and submit a recommendation.

This weeks The Stack Up is; music singles by 50 Cent and The Foo Fighters

50 Cent - Ayo Technology single coverFirst up is 50 Cents first single, Ayo Technology(aka She Wants It) off his new 2007 album, Curtis. In the song, 50 Cent discuss’ the main attraction of strippers, sex appeal very much akin to T-Pains 2006 single I’m N Luv (Wit a Stripper) (interesting enough both songs peaked out a #5 on the Top 100 Billboard). However we’re not looking for lyrical depth in a 50 Cent pop song, no instead we want a good hook, catchy beat and a chorus you can sing in the shower. Of these traits Ayo Technology succeeds on all accounts. However we knew it had too good as it was produced by mega producer Timbaland and guest stars the golden goose Justin Timberlake (If you don’t own FutureSex /LoveSounds, find money and buy it, best pop album since Michael Jackson’s Thriller).

Recommendation: Bump it in your car and at parties with a futuristic urban flair.

Foo Fighters - The Pretender single coverNext up is another first single, The Foo Fighters – The Pretender. Simply a fantastic alternative rock song. It’s quite melodic intro draws you into the song making you strain to hear the words and just as you’ve adjusted, the song slams into a driving beat and you smile as you realize that yes indeed this is the post-grudge band The Foo Fighters. Lyrically it’s just another rebellion song.

What if I say I’m not like the others?
What if I say I’m not just another one of your plays?
You’re the pretender
What if I say that I’ll never surrender?

The video enforces this concept drawing imagery of post-apocalyptic throngs of faceless law enforcers (i.e. V for Vendetta, Escape from L.A. or THX-1138). However the songs merit lies in it’s supreme delivery and raw emotion (much like the grudge style it roots from).

Recommendation: Turn it up while working out or while plotting to overthrow the government