September 23, 2007

Dusty but Still Kickin’

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Mars Rovers Survive Severe Dust Storms, Ready For Next Objectives

I still find it amazing that the two Mars Rovers, Spirit (landed January 4, 2004) and Opportunity (landed January 25, 2004) are still up and running and sending valuable after 13 times their primary mission length (90 days sol).

How this story is being treated as same old same old confounds me. Yes it’s a bit soft but surely this feat of engineering deserves more notice than the recent OJ debacle. Ah but maybe the latest GQ article The Brain Dead Mega Phone (which strangely I couldn’t find on the GQ website, however I’m not surprised, a lot of magazine have yet to catch up with the web) is right. The article plays with analogies to illustrate the lack of depth in todays news and the reasons why this has come about. I find his analysis a bit pessimistic but then again maybe I’m just wishful that people can’t and won’t sustain themselves on nothing but junk food information indefinitely.


September 15, 2007


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A politicians son actually goes to war? The move is obviously symbolic and I’m sure Governor Palin is sure to capitalize upon it, but with good justification, who here wouldn’t? However once you get past the political and symbolic reasons, it still makes you say wow.

Also, interesting that a counterintelligence agent would be found dead and very little information is available since the discovery. The earliest post I could find was from the 6th of September and no new information has been released yet.

Finally, stories of the excavation of the Confederate submarine H.L. Hunley and searching for a lost fleet of whaling ships in the same week? Kind of makes you want to become an underwater archaeologist aye?