November 12, 2007

Sweating Honey = Tasty Persperation

Posted in Entertainment tagged , at 11:41 am by Cruthers

Sweating HoneyIf your in Fairbanks Alaska and over 21 and haven’t heard of the band Sweating Honey, man are you missing out.

“Sweating Honey’s music is a melting pot of genres, ranging from Reggae to Latin, Hip-Hop to Country Rock, and R&B to Bluegrass: New-Americana sounds spliced with socially conscious lyrics and a powerful train wreck of energy to create an epic and original”

Sweating Honey’s sound may be undefinable but their stage charisma and energy certainly isn’t; it’s elemental. You can see it pass through a crowd as girls and guys alike naturally gravitate towards the dance floor to participate in what is know as “Hippy dancing.” Hippy dancing roughly defined is the act of dancing with no discernible style, egotism or taste. Basically you get out on the dance floor and let loose with a barrage of swing dancing, Russian folk dancing, Michael Jackson’s Thriller (you know the zombie one), jumping in place and anything else you can think of to your feet’s delight.

To hear a sample of their work, check out their MySpace page (Hide and Seek is quite popular but it’s much better live) or their website in which you can download their entire EP album for free. For a chance to see them live they are known to tour the northwest during the summer including; Alaska, Canada, Washington, Oregon, Northern California and Colorado.

Their regular haunts are The Marlin and the University Pub among other bars and taverns around Fairbanks. So if you see they’re playing; gather up your friends, dress comfortable, have a few drinks and hippy dance till last call, you won’t be disappointed.


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