October 22, 2007

The Stack Up – II

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Well I couldn’t resist, The Stack Up is a fun and easy blog item to do, so here is a second The Stack Up in the same week.

This weeks additional The Stack Up; music singles by Kayne West and The Fruit Guys.

Kanye West - Stronger single coverThe Kayne West – 50 Cent battle that ensued when both artists released their album on the same day, September 11, 2007, appears to have a clear monetary and reviewed victor, Mr. Kayne West. His single, Stronger, samples from the already popular Daft Punk song, Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger, and does something pretty telling about the music industry. Kayne West takes the song, slows it down, chops it up as a chorus and underlying beat, poorly raps to it and yet sells millions of more copies than Daft Punk could ever dream of. The song is worth listening to, it’s pretty catchy; however it just makes me want to listen to the original sample even more once it’s done.

Recommendation: Listen to it on the radio and then go buy a Daft Punk album.

The Fruit Guys - BlueIf you’ve never heard of The Fruit Guys don’t feel bad, they don’t really exist as a band in the traditional sense. The Fruit Guys are part of a marketing campaign by the Fruit of The Loom company comprised of four guys dressed as different fruits playing instruments and singing about cotton undergarments. Normally I try not to pay attention to advertising jingles in the hopes of warding off the Pavlov’s dog effect. However in the case of The Fruit Guys song/jingle Blue, I can’t help but take notice. It’s so well done that I could have easily mistaken it as a new Coldplay single on the radio, if not for the subtle differences in the singer’s voices. The music video is as incredibly well done as the song, using a variety of backwards photography, slow motion and selective blue shading for the world that surrounds the band members. In a word, wow, if only all advertising could be this creative.

Recommendation: Add to your “mellow” playlist and see how many people you can convince that you have the new Coldplay single


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  1. Arrggh! Is there anything in the world more annoying than when a marginally talented rip-off artist like Kanye samples a more original musician and then sells more than they do?

    As if Puffy swiping classic Police and Jimmy Page riffs wasn’t bad enough, Kanye is riding Ray Charles’ coat-tails. And now this. What a shame.

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