September 24, 2007

Nancy Dis’Grace

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So lately I’ve taken to flipping through the tv channels when I manage to squeeze time between classes, my social life and real life obligations. During my surfing sessions I’ve found wonderfully entertaining programs like; Ninja Warrior, Hogan Knows Best and most of the Discovery Channel line up (i.e. Survivor Man and Dirty Jobs).

However during my flipping I occasionally stop at one of the two CNN news broadcast offered here. One is normally up to date news and the other is complete crap. For example I point to Nancy Grace.

Nancy Grace

This woman (of which I have plenty of other choice words to describe her as) is no more than a self important middle age fascist. If you don’t agree with her then your wrong.

Case in point, today there was a young black man attempting to discuss and explain his position on the Free the Jena 6 issue. Well, during his calm and obviously thought out argument he let slip the term “hard-on”. As in, ‘the court system has no more than a “hard-on” to convict some of the accused members with elevated sentences.’ While this may be an innocent slip of what I perceive as non-offensive terminology, Ms. Grace does not.

Grace upon hearing such deemed offensive language proceeded to interrupt and berate the young man saying, “Excuse me! But “hard-on” is not recognized legal terminology!”

As if she was the guys mother scorning him for saying a dirty word. Oh! And we know she’s utterly legally correct in her language all the time.

The young man obviously confused at the fact that this “news anchor” was worried about his “dirty mouth” instead of the actual news they where supposed to be discussing, apologized and said that he would try to keep his colloquialisms in check. To which Ms. Grace rudely said “yeah!” and rolled her eyes.

This is but a surface skim of the terribly poor and offensive interviewing practices I’ve seen on her show. However the saddest thing is that the majority of the preceding and following “news”-like programs on CNN follow her statute of being really loud, using flashy gimmicks and conveying very little useful information that will effect the common man’s life(i.e. celebrities and buzz topics).

In addition I can only hope she doesn’t find her long lost twin brother Bill O’Reilly, consummate and birth the apocalypses.



  1. akjournalist said,

    What is with all the in-your-face stuff? Nancy Grace and Bill O’Reilly are great examples but it doesn’t end there. I like to watch shows (albeit rarely) like American Chopper and American Hot-rodder because I really enjoy and appreciate the skill level that those guys have attained. Usually though, just when I’m really getting into the whole process of everything, someone smarts off to someone else and wow, golly, and gee-whiz we have drama.
    Is it the drama/conflict that really drives up the ratings or is it just the media forcing what they think we want to see down our throats? Oh well, good thing the semester has started and I don’t have time to watch TV anyway. Good point though.
    Survivor Man and Dirty Jobs are probably the best shows on TV right now, I can even watch them with my kids.

  2. afair121 said,

    Thanks for sharing this. Yes, “Nancy Dis’Grace” seems to be the right name for Nancy Grace. She is such a harsh woman, who tries to get people into trouble with accusations. Most of the time the people are innocent. She is one of the most annoying television personalities.

    CNN should probably fire her soon, and then Fox News will probably hire her. Then Bill O’Reilly and her can have a show together. No, children though, please.

    I agree with you though, lets stick to shows like Ninja Warrior.

  3. hawkeygirl said,

    I can’t say I’ve really “watched” a Nancy Grace show, but I was at the SRC the other day and glanced up from the elliptical and her show was on. I couldn’t hear it, but all that was all over the screen was “Britney loses kids” and the typical flashbulbs of papparazzi all over while Britney walks from a car to a building. I think every time I glanced up it was the same shot over and over again. And I couldn’t help but think to myself… “Who the F— cares? Is this ‘journalism’ now? that some celeb *gasp* does drugs and might lose her kids like a real person?”

    Plus, Nancy has such an angry face on in everything I’ve ever seen of her.

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