September 17, 2007

Role Playing and Role Models

Posted in Critique, Entertainment at 9:39 am by Cruthers

Children log onto corporate websites for socializing and gaming.

While this activity may sound harmless and presumably safe, it’s in fact something I believe every parent should be concerned about. I mean sure it’s a big corporation, and kids are assumed to be safe from sexual predators, but what about the capitalist predator controlling the children’s playing environment?

Is no one concerned about what messages are being conveyed? Is the Pokemon slogan “Gotta catch(i.e buy) ’em all” going unnoticed and accepted or even dare I say embraced as a modern value? The social network websites purported in this story appear to be really no more than a grounds to encourage materialism.

“Broadly speaking, sites like Club Penguin allow kids to pick out an avatar that they guide through activities. As far as I could tell, this consists mostly of shopping and decorating.”

What is this? The 1980’s with a modern tech twist? Are we going to see Madonna and Prince try and make a comeback?

…….. oh I see, well lets bust out our Flock of Seagulls and Breakfast Club albums we’ve all been hiding and call it a day.


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